Team Building

Who is it for?

A group that is needing help to form and accelerate their relationships. A group that has just started a project together, and needs to quickly identify the strengths within the group.

What happens?

Exploring what makes a great team, its characteristics and behaviours we unearth the glue that holds it together. A series of high energy group challenges develop the relationships and identify where people are strong and not so strong, building the trust and developing the capability to be an awesome team

The outcomes

A deeper understanding of each others personalities.  Clarity on the strengths we each bring.  We may come in a group of people who happen to work together but go out as a team inspired to achieve together.

The team spirit has been at an all time high and we are achieving results we never imagined possible”

J Dolan – Biffa


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    • the five behaviors of a cohesive team
    • belbin
    • Everything disc
    • MBTI