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Activity-packed training where you bring new or established teams together and we help you go from good to great really quickly.

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Creating bespoke training suited to your company is what we’re all about. Find out more by reading through this guide and then browse our current programme snapshots below.

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Corporate team building activities with Team Academy are built from the ground-up to be exhilarating and pressurised. If that doesn’t sound easy, good! Shattering expectations is how we nurture cooperation and watch the results flourish.

We make unique events that bring teams together towards a shared goal. The response from earning successes together is unlike anything else, and we see time and again how a shared victory brings people together and gives them something to think about for years to come.

Whether it’s Team Development for those who are feeling strained and rusty in their teamwork, or Mindset Kicks for teams who need to think differently and start approaching challenges with fresh perspectives, you can expect a tailored approach that addresses the specific needs of your organisation.

We aim to build trust between team members, breaking down the barriers that stand between them and total cooperation.

We quickly gain understanding of your businesses to place your specific goals at the very core of your programme. While your teams are learning to build each other up and become stronger, they’re also gaining a renewed appreciation for all they’ve achieved together and everything the future still holds.

We want the groups we encounter to have gritty conversations with each other and smash through the ceilings that held them back. Everybody leaves stronger than they arrived, as individuals and as a team.

At the heart of every team are the human relationships we have with each other. Relationships grounded in trust allow us to be vulnerable, and in turn we can face some hard truths, we can hold each other to account, and we can make difficult decisions together. Team building events with Team Academy are the perfect environment to make these breakthrough moments happen.

Choose our tried and true approach to team building for results that will transform your workforce. Our unique approach to team building for companies has worked for a wide range of clients that couldn’t believe how differently we operate, and it can work for your teams too.

“A team isn’t a group of people that work together, a team is a group of people who trust each other”

Simon Sinek

At Team Academy we put teams through their paces, we break down barriers that are stopping complete and total trust, and we build something unbelievably strong in their place. That’s what team building means for us, and it works wonders.

Team building bring you and your people together to do serious work on the relationships holding you all together (or not!). Combining impactful scenarios with our expert appraisals lets us get to the heart of your existing strengths and areas for improvement, carving out a clear path to a stronger and more trusting group.

We root out the characteristics of your team so that they can be addressed honestly and openly. There’s no room for passengers! Every person will have their own opportunities to contribute and we aim to bring every person up to a higher gear in their interpersonal relationships with their team members.

You’ll come in as a group of people who work together, you’ll leave as a team inspired to come together and build something bigger than the sum of its parts.

Our team building events are specially constructed activities and environments that are hyper-focused on unearthing the problems or challenges facing a team and turning them around. This could be a fun activity to bring people together or something like a workshop aimed at nurturing discussion.

With Team Academy, our team building exercises are built to be disruptive, high-impact, and deeply effective. Testing teams under pressure gives us one-of-a-kind data about how people work together, and it’s yielded some incredible feedback from our clients. We design each of our challenges around the specific objectives of your business. A bespoke approach is what makes our training unforgettable and the internalised lessons it leaves behind so valuable.

Team building events can be off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all ideas like paintballing or a treasure hunt, but your mileage will vary, and how can you ultimately be sure that everybody has benefitted?

Don’t just select a ready baked idea and throw your team at it; build the actual event around your team and maximise its value.

Teams are made up of people, and no two people are the same. Some are assertive and confident; others are more reserved and they’re happier to let others take the lead. If you just put people together and expect them to work together as effectively as they can, you might be disappointed with the results.

There are lots of reasons that teamwork can degrade over time:

  • Lack of communication happening between team members and departments.
  • Unresolved disagreements causing tension or conflicting points of view taking precedence over work.
  • Lack of opportunities for workers to bond and interact informally.
  • Disjointed attitudes of team objectives from poor leadership or inconsistent management.

Let’s not forget that more people than ever now work from home. Workplaces that use a hybrid or remote working structure have more gaps where team building may be needed to bring everybody together and get to know each other in the ways that only face-to-face cooperation can provide. Zoom calls and Teams meetings are great for swapping info, but they don’t replace the fundamental human-to-human bond.

A good team building environment should bring quiet team members out of their shells, make assertive members listen, and teach everybody what they each have to offer to their team. Everyone has a comfort zone and they learn best when they’re forced outside of it.

Programme snapshots

Man grimacing whilst stretching to hand baton across a big gap, supported by team mate

Think you’ve got what it takes?

Forget paintballing or simulated classrooms, the 24 Hour Challenge is real-life. Designed to see how you perform as a team when under pressure, completing a task with real consequences. There are no hiding places for passengers!

We turn up the heat and observe your every move. Experience the exhilaration of sharing successes with your fellow teammates, then let us help you make sense of how to apply the learning back at work.

Each challenge is designed around your organisation’s current challenges and objectives and to bring out the kind of behaviours you want. Where there’s a gap, we help you close it with follow up development, training, and coaching.

Win or not, the taking part will certainly reveal things you never knew about yourself and your team members and with such an intensive shared experience under your belt, your future together will never be the same again.

Who is it for?

A group that is needing help to form and accelerate their relationships. A group that has just started a project together, and needs to quickly identify the strengths within the group.

What happens?

Exploring what makes a great team, its characteristics and behaviours we unearth the glue that holds it together.

A series of high energy group challenges develop the relationships and identify where people are strong and not so strong, building the trust and developing the capability to be an awesome team.

The outcomes

A deeper understanding of each others personalities. Clarity on the strengths we each bring. We may come in a group of people who happen to work together but go out as a team inspired to achieve together.

Who is it for?

Any team who knows that it can do more, be more than they are at the moment. there could be tensions or conflict, there may be lack of trust or they could simply want to deliver more and take the team from good to great!

What happens?

A reality check on where the team are now, where they want to get to and the gap between the two. Taking the team out of the day to day we combine high impact, high energy activities with real, relateable discussions.

We spend time building trust, having honest conversations and developing amazing relationships that enable high performance and a collective mindset.

The outcomes

A deeper understanding of yourself and each other, an opportunity to receive and give feedback in a safe place.

The team will start to feel a greater sense of collective purpose and higher levels of trust. A team ready to move forward at pace.

Who is it for?

Individual leaders or teams who work together and are wanting to throw something in to keep it all together during this unusually challenging time.

What happens?

The flow of the session is to inspire, motivate and facilitate ‘thinking differently’. A discussion around the current situation and focus on what can be controlled, not what can’t. This session has proven to be totally uplifting and super reflective.

The outcomes

Delegates will leave the session inspired to add simple steps to start changing their behaviour, ultimately benefiting them and the business.

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