A team isn’t a group of people that work together, a team is a group of people who trust each other - Simon Sinek

At the heart of everything team is the human relationship we have with one another.  With relationships grounded in a trust that allows us to be vulnerable with one another  we can have those gritty conversations, we can hold each other to account, we can make the difficult decisions.

At Team Academy we put teams through their paces, we breakdown barriers, we build up huge levels of trust. We put your people at the heart and we build programmes that have your outcomes, your business context at their core so that your people come back fuelled with a passion for the business, for the team and for being the very best they can be.

We get your people to talk to one another, to make connections to build trust so that when the going gets tough they can weather the storm together

I now know the true meaning of the word awesome. You are an absolute inspiration and I don’t think any of my team will ever forget it”

J. Dolan – Regional Director, Biffa

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