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Stop guessing your way through sales!
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Develop confident, versatile and multiskilled salespeople

We make sales coaching an experiential process by using live calls and on-the-job feedback to embed new skills.

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Creating bespoke training suited to your company is what we’re all about. Find out more by reading through this guide and then browse our current programme snapshots below.

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Sales staff can’t thrive with boring sales courses that doesn’t stoke the fire to sell and win. Our boot camp sales courses and live sales coaching balance theory with real business experience to give your teams the grit of true sales work and the tools to succeed in their own careers.

Sales training courses need to be frank and honest. Sales isn’t an easy job for easy money, so it follows that sales training courses can’t be half-hearted nor sugar coated.

We give sales staff proper theory to work with, backed up with tried-and-true sales techniques and valuable skills like account management and presentation skills. We don’t just want to tell people how to win sales and take payments. We want salespeople to leave inspired and understand how they can take their own unique approach to their career, making the role truly their own but with a foot in proven practices.

We understand that no two businesses are alike, and thus, know that no two training programmes will be either.

Don’t waste any more time guessing your way through sales!

Sales is as much an art as it is a science. We work with your teams to understand where they are now, what they want to achieve, and how big the gap is between the two. Supercharging sales capability and mindset with a balance of on-the-job training and in-the-moment coaching, we take sales teams from ‘functional’ to ‘awesome’!

Team Academy gives your sales staff real skills they can carry forward in the workplace. Our training is driven by years upon years of collective experience. Helping others to succeed is what we do, and we know how to get the very best out of your teams.

Sales training courses are in many ways preparing yourself for battle. Customers can be tough, especially when you’re trying to get them to part with their hard-earned cash. Salespeople need to be resilient and willing to try again and again. Rejections can’t knock you out of the saddle.

Sales training courses educate salespeople in the ways that communication, confidence, and just the right touch of stubbornness can affect a potential sale in many ways. Our training touches on complex skills like negotiation, handling objections, and approaching new leads to begin the sales journey.

Sales can happen quickly, or they can be hard-won. Effective sales training courses teach your people how to aim for the former, but prepare for the latter.

Sales coaching is an ongoing process, and that sets it apart from sales training which can exist as a one-off session outside of the trainee’s actual work environment.

Unlike training which can be delivered to a group of people in a set uniform approach, sales coaching is more individualised. We work with the salesperson to strengthen what they lack, fill in knowledge and experience gaps, and refine their focus moving forwards.

We take all of this and make sales coaching an experiential process by using live calls and on-the-job feedback to really embed our coaching into the job itself. Next time that staff member sits down to sell, they’ve already got scenarios in their head ready to guide them.

Sales coaching highlights areas for improvement that salespeople might otherwise never be aware of. Sales is often a high-pressure role with targets, KPIs, bigger and better numbers that push ongoing incentives for sellers to go bigger and achieve better!

This pressure to always do better can lead to some bad habits forming, like making promises that can’t be kept, bluffing to fill in knowledge gaps, and applying too much pressure that drives customers away.

Sales coaching can smoke out behaviours like these and stamp them out. It also imparts valuable skills that can equip salespeople for future challenges. There will be times when sellers need to use more of their toolkits like taking a more patient, long-term approach to wooing a customer.

Simply put, sales training and coaching makes your sales staff:

  • Confident, starting conversations with the right attitude and taking minor setbacks in their stride
  • Versatile and multiskilled with a sales ‘toolkit’ to draw from, giving them answers to all kinds of challenges and customers
  • Productive, helping your sales staff in managing their time and prioritising tasks wisely
  • More profitable, increasing the return from your staff and helping them prove themselves in a role that’s mostly (if not entirely) about the numbers.

Programme snapshots

Who is it for?

For all Sales people that are working in the same business in telephone sales or a customer facing role. They may be new to sales or you are you setting up a new sales function, you may simply want your teams to have a sales refresh to inspire your teams to even better results.

What happens?

A focus on key selling skills including communication, understanding the sales journey, how to win new business, key account management, effective time management, presentation skills, negotiating, objection handling and closing techniques.

The outcomes

A more capable and confident sales team delivering improved performance, increased customer retention and growing bottom line revenues.

Who is it for?

Any sales or sales support functions needing on the job training, this is individual to every person’s needs and is supported by your business goals and /or challenges.

What happens?

This programme is built to wraparound and support the TA Sales Bootcamp programme, aimed to embed skills training, through one to one coaching sessions, live calls and on the job feedback, goal setting and action planning.

The outcomes

Real time highly effective experiential learning delivering increased confidence and capability. Live coaching is proven to drive sales results and your return on investment.

Who is it for?

For account managers who are working with key accounts and want to build highly effective client relationships, grow the business and maximise the return on their time and efforts.

What happens?

A very practical hands on programme that builds the crucial account management skill and behaviours.

We focus on developing deeper level questioning to drive the level of influence, get forensic about key stakeholders, building effective relationships and how to leverage them more effectively.

The outcomes

More productive client relationships, an increased rate of success and the ability to leverage more, bigger and better for both your business and your clients business.

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