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Creating bespoke leadership training suited to your company is what we’re all about. Find out more by reading through this guide and then browse our current leadership training programme snapshots below.

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It’s tough in business. When the pressure’s on, you need leaders and managers who can step up their game. Leaders who have awesome self-awareness, who know their strengths and their challenges. Leaders who are passionate about enabling others to bring the best out of your people every day. Inspired leadership training programmes can bring all of that out and more.

Our leadership training programmes are firmly grounded in theory and designed to shake up your thinking. We’re not interested in telling you what to think, but rather holding up a mirror and giving you the means to make the necessary discoveries at your own speed.

Our leadership and management training learning environments are designed to make participants feel safe and supported – the perfect setting to explore oneself and have empowering epiphanies. Leaders deserve to feel powerful and confident just as much as organisations deserve powerful and confident leaders.

By marrying a love of what we do with your love of what you do, we can make that happen.

You can expect an engaging, personalised leadership and management training programme that gets to the heart of your people and puts individuality in the centre of our focus. Our leadership training programmes are energy fuelled and totally counter to the same old leadership training courses that never get updated or diversified.

Team Academy’s leadership training programmes aim to understand your business and its leaders as it delivers leadership and management training, allowing us to fine-tune our approach as we go and take the best approach for you. Our leadership management training helps leaders to become the best they can be and step into the confident roles that they want to hold.

Leadership is knowing how to manage and maximise the skills, mindsets, attitudes, and potential of the people working alongside you. History is filled with people who have set terrible examples as leaders, and others who set the standard as such great leaders that we’re still talking about them today.

We know that leaders are special people that many organisations couldn’t do without, but they can also be trained. ‘Leader’ and ‘manager’ are just titles; their real impact comes from the people they are and the actions they take.

Leadership can take many forms in the day-to-day events of a business

  • Moderating discussions and disagreements so that all sides are heard and conversations are kept open and respectful
  • Helping colleagues to structure and plan their workloads, identifying areas that can be improved
  • Listening to colleagues when problems arise and offering support and advice for best next steps
  • Keeping a cool head in response to stressful and unforeseen circumstances, making rational decisions and working with others towards solutions
  • Being a spokesperson for others in the business and communicating with high-level management and stakeholders to keep all levels of an organisation informed

These are just some of the ways a leader might act or present themselves, and these actions might come naturally to some as opposed to others. Natural leaders exist, but like we said, leaders can be trained.

With Team Academy, management and leadership training programmes are more than sitting you in front of a PowerPoint presentation. It takes an understanding of relationships, breaking them down and building them back up so that they’re stronger and more productive than ever.

We believe in change. Change happens to us all every day, and without it, businesses could never grow and adapt. Leaders and members of management teams need to be able to understand the emotional factors of change, how it makes both them and their colleagues feel, so that their toolkits allow them to be sensitive to fears of change yet strongly positioned to guide it to a better future.

Management and leadership training programmes with Team Academy focus on the people, not the role. We structure self-reflection, disruptive thinking, and exploring the value in what you do and who you are to create a confident and compassionate leader. Companies thrive when they have better relationships between their departments, and that growth shows in the happiness of its people and the profits it makes.

Our award-winning training makes learning fun, and we think that experiential learning is so much more valuable than being given dry information. Our customers frequently rate their days with us as utterly brilliant and leave feeling confident, refreshed, and ready to tackle business with a brand-new mindset.

Leadership training programmes are useful for people at all levels of experience. New leaders are introduced to concepts, pieces of wisdom, and skills they can carry forward and start on the best footing. Conversely, even experienced leaders can learn a lot from keeping their perspectives refreshed and challenged with regular training. This gives them the necessary understanding to bridge gaps with younger members of the workforce and changing attitudes to work and life values.

Every generation brings new ways of thinking and new expectations from the workplace. Leaders and managers are the people to whom others look to accommodate their ideas and expectations. Good leaders use empathy, diplomacy, and intelligence to manage these expectations and make their colleagues feel heard.

Programme snapshots

Looking for something different with your leadership training programme?

This programme WILL disturb your thinking and get you and the group to reflect on your behaviour, in a way you never have before.

We run this programme specifically for a group of leaders that are working in the same business, where developing them as a high performing leadership team is vital to the success of the business.

This leadership training programme is all about accelerating their relationships with each other in a way unlike any other programme will achieve. They will experience what it feels like to be a high performing team, and what they can really achieve as a very strong unit!

This course will allow managers to take time out of the business and really think about how they lead themselves and others around them.

They will be challenged both physically and mentally and emotionally about their leadership style and their assumptions! They will explore up-to-date leadership thinking and finally take time to focus on improving their results

You’ll get direct feedback throughout the whole programme from your peers and also the training team on behaviour and how you lead.

Who is it for?

Senior Leaders or established leadership teams who want to take their leadership to the next level.

What happens?

High performance leadership requires leaders able to inspire others to do more than they think is possible.  This programme focuses on 3 elements of high performance; Mindset, Clarity of vision and Awesome execution.

The outcomes

An experience that stretches your personal performance to new levels both functionally and emotionally.

The space to develop your strategy for high performance so that you are ready to put the plan into action from day one.

Who is it for?

For organisations wanting to drive a specific sustainable change through the business. It is designed to support the leaders and managers across the organisation to help them connect with the change they need to lead, and to give them the tools and understanding to lead their teams through the change.

What happens?

Many change programmes focus on the functional process of change.  This programme recognises that we can have the best functional process in the world but if we don’t provide the space to focus on, and understand, the behavioural and emotional responses to change we are likely to fail.

The course allows leaders the space to understand how they react to change so they get themselves into a great place to lead the change.

It explores the mindset to change and the transition that is required for people to be excited by the future.

The outcomes

Delegates will walk away with a deeper level of self-awareness  on their response to change.  They will have  a tool kit of resources and insights to support successful delivery of the change initiative through their organisation and teams.

This programme will provide a clear framework to support leaders to effectively lead and embed sustainable change through the business.

Who is it for?

New or aspiring leaders wanting to develop core leadership skills and behaviours.

What happens?

A  3 stage programme which combines  learning and practical experience.  Building  new skills, developing highly effective leadership behaviours  and experiencing what it takes to motivate and inspire others.

The outcomes

An in-depth understanding of what makes you tick, a strategy for authentic leadership.  A leadership toolkit to enable you to confidently inspire and motivate others, have awesome performance conversations and lead a team that everyone wants to be a part of.

Who is it for?

Leadership teams who want to develop a clear strategy “on a page” which drives the purpose and priorities throughout the whole of the organisation.  For Leadership teams who know that it is harder, but far more effective, to create a simple strategic plan than it is to have detail so complex that no one remembers it let alone uses it to guide how they spend their time.

What happens?

You are challenged to get under the skin of why you do what you do, what success looks like and the key drivers for success.

They say that it is the simplicity over the far side of complexity that counts and this is where this programme takes you.  Starting with exploring the detail to ensure a thorough understanding of what you want to achieve and then stripping it back to a strategy on a page with clear priorities, ownership and accountabilities.

The outcomes

A strategy on a page which can be cascaded through the organisation.  A strategy that can be used by every team in the organisation to align on the contribution they make to success.

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