Are you looking for something different?


This programme WILL disturb your thinking and get you and the group to reflect on your behaviour, in a way you never have before.

We run this programme specifically for a group of leaders that are working in the same business, where developing them as a high performing leadership team is vital to the success of the business.

The programme is all about accelerating their relationships with each other in a way unlike any other programme will achieve. They will experience what it feels like to be a high performing team, and what they can really achieve as a very strong unit!


This course will allow managers to take time out of the business and really think about how they lead themselves and others around them.

They will be challenged both physically and mentally and emotionally about their leadership style and their assumptions! They will explore up-to-date leadership thinking and finally take time to focus on improving their results

You’ll get direct feedback throughout the whole programme from your peers and also the training team on behaviour and how you lead


“Its been insightful, humbling, impactful, engaging, challenging and emotive. Its designed to push you to your limit whilst building solid relationships to strengthen your network”

J. Bull – Manager


“This programme broke me and built me within the same week. If I’d have had this programme 15 years ago I would be a different man today”

M. Sanders – Manager


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    • the five behaviors of a cohesive team
    • belbin
    • Everything disc
    • MBTI