Leading Through Change

Who's it for?

For organisations wanting to drive a specific sustainable change through the business. It is designed to support the leaders and managers across the organisation to help them connect with the change they need to lead, and to give them the tools and understanding to lead their teams through the change

What happens?

Many change programmes focus on the functional process of change.  This programme recognises that we can have the best functional process in the world but if we don’t provide the space to focus on, and understand, the behavioural and emotional responses to change we are likely to fail.

The course allows leaders the space to understand how they react to change so they get themselves into a great place to lead the change.

It explores the mindset to change and the transition that is required for people to be excited by the future.

The outcomes

Delegates will walk away with a deeper level of self-awareness  on their response to change.  They will have  a tool kit of resources and insights to support successful delivery of the change initiative through their organisation and teams.

This programme will provide a clear framework to support leaders to effectively lead and embed sustainable change through the business.




You did an awesome job of changing the mindset of our leaders; they walked out with a clear, collective vision and the belief that they could drive sustainable change”

Dr. S. Hamer – NIHR

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