Strategy on a page

Who is it for?

Leadership teams who want to develop a clear strategy “on a page” which drives the purpose and priorities throughout the whole of the organisation.  For Leadership teams who know that it is harder, but far more effective, to create a simple strategic plan than it is to have detail so complex that no one remembers it let alone uses it to guide how they spend their time

What happens?

You are challenged to get under the skin of why you do what you do, what success looks like and the key drivers for success.

They say that it is the simplicity over the far side of complexity that counts and this is where this programme takes you.  Starting with exploring the detail to ensure a thorough understanding of what you want to achieve and then stripping it back to a strategy on a page with clear priorities, ownership and accountabilities.

The outcomes

A strategy on a page which can be cascaded through the organisation.  A strategy that can be used by every team in the organisation to align on the contribution they make to success

“I can’t believe what we achieved as a Leadership team in one day.  The output from the day now defines everything we do”

D. Lane – Country Manager, True Commerce

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