Executive Coaching

Who is it for?

Senior leaders looking for a highly experienced coach who will hold them to a high level of challenge, make them dig deep, and enable the conversations that they can’t have within the organisation.

What happens?

6 sessions over a 6-9 month period.  Ideally starting with a face to face session and continuing via skype, facetime or similar virtual platform.  The flow of the sessions is dictated by the objectives of the coachee.  This can range from specific strategic objectives to simply a space to challenge thinking and provoke insights.

The outcome

A completely confidential space with a highly experienced coach who will hold their feet to the fire when it’s needed, and equally knows when they are there to fill a void for highly sensitive conversations that need to be had but cannot be had within the organisation

If I didn’t have you where would I be able to have these conversations – thank you”

Reflection from a Senior Leader at the end of a coaching session

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