Our Training Programmes

We don’t do off the shelf training programmes, we do training programmes that will blow you away and nail the outcomes you want.

Why work with Team Academy

Rachel, Team Academy’s founder and Director of Awesomeness, saw there was a gap in the training arena. An opportunity to deliver training in a way that ensured every person who walked into the room was engaged in the training, where human connection was the most important element of the experience.

Every learning experience with Team Academy is a combination of an interactive activity grounded in theory, some high energy, some highly reflective – all designed to disrupt thinking, to hold up the mirror to what we do now and explore where there is value in doing things differently. To achieve that we hold each person, and the amazing individual that they are, at the heart of everything we do.

And because that’s our approach to every training day,  you get more bang for your buck as  your people leave inspired to take action, excited to share their learning with others

Life is too short for boring training

Whether it’s a team building event to bring a new team together for the first time, a high impact leadership training programme, a sales training performance workshop, or 1 to 1 coaching, we design and develop hard hitting, energy fuelled programmes to achieve the outcomes you need to deliver your business goals… all with the bottom line firmly in focus.

Oh, and when you want to run an event yourself, we can help you structure it for maximum impact and even take over hosting duties on the day, so you can be ‘in the moment’ with your people!

Wouldn’t you rather invest in a training partner you can trust to be a catalyst for change in your people?

Time to explore

What are you waiting for… we invite you to start explore what we offer and if you like what you see and want to discuss how we can help take your people to the next level, just get in touch:

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