Find out what clients who have experienced our training say about us

“It’s a pleasure working with the team, they personally take time to understand our department objectives and the personalities within the team, discussing their strengths and development areas and then shapes the scheduled training around them. 

With this approach, the team have tailored training to our specific needs and they don’t just produce an off-the-shelf package that may not necessarily fit the purpose.

As a result, I have seen positive sales performance following our training session and the planned changes we wanted to achieve within our department structure to give us the best opportunity to set things up correctly and allow us maintain that progress.

I will certainly be continuing to work with the team to help develop my sales training plans into the new season.”

Gary Wilton
Head of Corporate Sales

“You understand our people and they really connect with the workshops.  People leave feeling inspired to want to make change”.

Lorna Small – GC&E Director

“Your session was truly inspiring, it really created an impact among our General Managers and will certainly continue to be much appreciated by our Directors of Business Development and Group Conference & Events leaders. Thank You!”

JJ – Vice President

“Last week I had the unique opportunity to participate in a group training with Team Academy in Amsterdam, I need to say that this was unique and a truly inspiring experience. So much energy and power, I felt like I didn’t want the training to come to an end. After 1.5 days of such intensive workshops and exercises, we all left energised, skilled, more self-aware and ready to be successful leaders of the future. I would definitely recommend Team Academy for any development needs your organisations may have. They will get the job done in the right way, with a lot of fun”.

Mariya Dimitrova
Assistant Executive Hilton Sofia

“This is the best delegate feedback that I’ve read in 19 years.”

Ruth Doyle

“These programmes are truly outstanding and deliver real results, our people rave about your workshops”

Rob Beck
Regional Director

“I would like to take the opportunity to say a huge thank you for your support in providing training for the Venue Sales, Match Day Team and Partnerships Teams, All of the sessions you have provided, both in sales led and team building, have all been extremely well received.

As a result we’ve seen a clear change in how our teams have been building relationships with clients, they now understand the real meaning of ROI, and what our clients’ really need from taking hospitality and Partnerships packages with the club.

We have seen an increase in sales and business performance is moving forward as a result of this support and training, once again thank you.”

Alison Plant
Head of Hospitality and Sponsorship

“The team worked with us to develop a bespoke training course for our Inbound Agents. They took the time to get to know our values, our products and our vision to provide a top quality, professional customer service. This involved an on-site workshop with the Contact Centre and Marketing Teams, plus one-day listening into calls and speaking to the Contact Centre.

An amazing programme that packed real impact across the whole business, we highly recommend the team, and we will certainly continue to work with them over the coming year.”

Gerrie Goudie
Contact Centre Manager

“We have worked with the team on several occasions and due to the quality of training and their expert knowledge, we requested further assistance with designing a training programme to assist redundant employees with interview skills. We wanted our employees to be given all the tools to enable them to successfully gain employment after leaving.

The feedback was extremely positive. In addition to receiving excellent training, there was a noticeable improvement in confidence, drive, and enthusiasm to succeed from all individuals.  This training enabled a number of our employees to gain employment and others are making positive steps forward.”

Jayne Armitage
HR Manager

“In pursuit of enhancing our collective learning capability, Welsh Gymnastics recently commissioned Team Academy to provide a workplace-specific training intervention for its ambitious and talented staff. Everything DiSC Workplace Profiling was the chosen vehicle, which focused on actions and behaviours that create more effective and productive working relationships.

Two experienced facilitators (Rachel and Jenn) did a magnificent job of creating an inclusive environment that engaged every single participant, throughout the day. Their enthusiasm was infectious and our staff learned a lot about themselves and each other.

The training itself was second to none. It was outstanding. I would recommend Team Academy to any organisation that needs professional development advice and training.”

Bev Smith, CEO

“Team Academy were very different, they totally listened to our brief and were able to very quickly and impressively get hold of exactly what we needed. They totally understood we wanted something different! We have done Leadership programmes in the past, but we needed something dynamic, and Team Academy knew we needed to change our peoples thinking and behaviour.

Team Academy really gave our Leaders time and space, to think, to reflect, to plan and really challenged their thinking.

I really loved how they worked in complete partnership with us and maintained crucial dialogue with us throughout. Finally, Team Academy knew we needed more than just a 2 day workshop for our 5 cohorts and that it had to be credible for our Leaders and they absolutely did exactly that.”

Gillian Felton
Head of People Development, Engagement & Wellbeing

“Today me and a few of my colleagues had a day worth of customer service training. I can honestly say I’ve never laughed and learned so much in one day! Rachel was professional, fun, thoughtful, entertaining and kept the crowd engaged the whole day! I’ve had training courses before that have sent me to sleep but today I experienced a whole different kind of training. Very interesting and very informative, Thanks!”
Hayley Scarff
Hire Controller

“Rachel provided customer service training today for myself and some of my colleagues, I can honestly say I have had a fantastic day, relaxed, full of giggles but most importantly we learned loads in a fun environment. Rachel was energetic, engaging and charismatic. I can honestly say that this was the best training session I have had. Highly recommend Team Academy.”
Naomi Parratt
PA to Managing Director

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