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Avanti Gas Logo - Case Study for our Leadership Development where we gave a bespoke training programme.
Avanti Gas provides LPG energy solutions to a diverse range of business sectors around the UK.  They employ over 200 people and at the time were experiencing high levels of growth. They had no development in place for leaders but were increasingly promoting people into management roles to respond to their growth.

From its head office in Derbyshire, Avanti Gas provides LPG energy solutions to a diverse range of business sectors around the country. As the company is growing rapidly it recognised the need to ensure it was nurturing employees’ talent and developing strong managers for the future.


Working alongside Avanti Gas, we used our experience to create a fully experiential and bespoke Leadership Development programme. Through practical and fun activities, each of the company’s 24 delegates was given the opportunity to take the lead – while our team closely observed them in action.

This meant every delegate received valuable insight into their management style, and they were challenged on how well they communicated and related to others. And by the end of the course everyone had a ‘kit bag’ of management tools and leadership techniques they could use back in the office to help them:

  • Improve team relationships
  • Be better at prioritisation
  • Improve team performance & productivity
  • Increase motivation
  • Challenge their people


We love the work we do with Team Academy; our people are so receptive to the delivery style as it’s so different. The programmes are challenging, motivational, and inspiring.

The trainers really spend time getting to know our people and what makes them tick, then designing a programme based around their findings. They have the ability to unlock the potential within our people.

Trish Thrope
HR Director



Aldi logo - Case study of how Aldi the Team Building programme programmes as challenging, yet, motivational, and inspiring
Aldi’s rapid expansion over the past few years meant that its current workforce could not meet its future staffing requirements.
The company needed to recruit more than 4,000 new members of staff over a 12 month period and store staffing levels were set to increase from small teams of 4 to large teams of 30 to 50 people.

Longer serving managers would need to adapt to the new demands of the role and managers brought in from the outside for the first time would need to be inducted into the very unique Aldi Management System.


Working in conjunction with the Aldi Academy, we developed a 1 day Communications programme as an initial response to their challenges.  As we worked with the store teams, we were able to identify more clearly the interventions that would best serve their people.

As a result, we designed and delivered a catalogue of workshops over a 2-year period to over 7,500 operational and logistics leaders throughout the UK and Ireland.

1. Leadership, Managing People & Communication

  • Covering core leadership styles and how to flex your instinctive style to create stronger results more of the time. Exploring motivation and the impact of our communication on our people.

2. Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

  • Supported by on-line profiling we were able to explore real feedback about the manager’s people interactions and look at impactful ways of adapting their behaviours to achieve better results.

3. Developing People

  • Recognising the increased need to develop others this programme looked at 4 areas of development – training, feedback, performance reviews & coaching.

4. Leading with Awareness

  • Exploring Emotional Intelligence with Assistant Managers to strengthen the impact of their interactions with their people.

5. The Effective Manager

  • Looking at ways of getting more done in less time in particular through more effective communication and relationships.

All of the workshops were designed to support the Aldi Management System and provide delegates with practical ‘takeaways’ to apply in back in their workplace.  We continue to work closely with Aldi and are currently designing more programmes for their catalogue.


This is the best delegate feedback that I’ve read in 19 years.

Ruth Doyle



Hill Dickinson Logo - Took part in our Team Building programme and helped use trust exercises to build trust in the team.
Hill Dickinson is a leading international commercial law firm. From a single practice founded in 1810, the company has now grown into eight offices around the world with 175 partners and over 1300 employees.
The company decided to invest in team building after undergoing 12 months of change that included the introduction of number of new roles and new people into the business. From the start, the management team were keen to have a fun event, which everyone (regardless of age and ability) could join in and enjoy.


Hill Dickinson decided it needed an event that would challenge and stretch the team while strengthening relationships between the staff. This isn’t something that can be achieved by sitting in a classroom! So we took them outdoors for a jam-packed day of fun, high energy tasks with our outdoor Team Building programme.

We devised a day that would be all about breaking down barriers and helping people to understand each other a little better. The programme was also mindful of bringing new team members into the mix, so we did a number of tasks that got people to share bits of information about themselves. This was in addition to some ‘trust’ exercises and tough problem-solving tasks.

The day achieved its aim of being very motivational, fast-paced, and giving everyone the opportunity to work together. We can honestly say great friendships were made on the programme! Hill Dickinson reported back to us that the team day spilled over into the office as everyone is now working together in a much more cohesive way and communication has improved.


Rachel’s approach meant our energy levels were maintained all day. We all thoroughly enjoyed the activities as there was something for everyone. A real sense of achievement was reached within all the tasks which in turn created a very positive and engaged team. Even those sceptical about the day were absolute converts by the first break…

Rachel was fantastic, taking the time to meet with us prior to the day to understand our exact requirements. Our expectations were completely exceeded by Rachel and all at Team Academy. We will return and I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending Team Academy to other organisations.



Biffa logo - A case study from Biffa regarding how inspirational and fantastic the outdoor team building activities day was.
Biffa was founded 100 years ago, initially as a family haulage business. Today it’s become the UK’s leading waste management company and is responsible for collecting, treating and recycling waste nationwide. When the company decided to bring two regional sales teams together and create a single team, they recognised the importance of ensuring strong relationships and trust were in place from the start – with everyone collaborating and working together.


We designed an outdoor, experiential Reboot leadership programme for the new team of 15 employees. Over two days, they took part in a series of challenging activities that required them to work together and trust each other in a really short space of time.

Day 1: We ran a group challenge so everyone had a part to play in the overall success of the team, and by the end of day one there was already a huge feeling of collaboration. Throughout the day we were able to observe how they interacted with each other and provide constructive feedback too.

Day 2: Through a series of challenges we focused on self-disclosure. It’s key that new teams get to know a little about one another quickly. The tasks were devised to help them share their ideas, what motivates them, and to reveal their hidden talents and skills.

As a result of the two days, Biffa’s sales team got the opportunity to work collaboratively and to get to know one another. In addition, motivation increased and morale has seen a definite improvement. The team’s spirit has changed too – it’s an ‘I can do that’ attitude now!

Management also reported that following the team building it won larger contracts, as staff worked on projects together and were better at sharing information with each other. At Team Academy we’re really pleased to have developed such a great relationship with Biffa and have gone on to work with most of its regional offices.


I now know the true meaning of ‘awesome’. We had a fantastic two days, can’t wait to work with you again. A great big thank you from Biffa, myself and all the team. You are an absolute inspiration and I don’t think any of my team will ever forget it. Brilliant!



As the market leaders in electrical wholesale, they had made a big decision not to sell products online, therefore all the focus was on their people to convert leads. How do we shape our order takers to become dynamic salespeople, converting sales daily!
Leaders are trained to a standard to be able to support the new learning, turning leaders into coaches.


We developed a number of ½ day to 12-month programmes as each depot needed something different. As we worked with each depot, we were able to focus our training that would best serve their people.

As a result, we designed and delivered a catalogue of workshops over a 4 year period to over 1000 sales people and their leaders throughout the UK.

1. Leadership becomes coaches

  • Working with the leaders to help them have more enriched conversations with their people, so individuals feel inspired empowered to go and create impact.

2. Live coaching

  • Working with a small group of individuals in a depot over a 12 month period. This intense Live Coaching programme is the magic after the training, as this really does embed the learning. We work with your people every step of the way to help identify the gaps and support their growth.

2. Reboot leadership ( senior managers only)

  • Highly intensive 4-day programme that puts leaders through their paces, not only physically but mentally. The Reboot leadership programme strips it all back, show them their own reflection in the mirror, and then starts the process of building them up!

3. Team Development

  • The Team Development programme focused on developing the team at each depot, by understanding each other’s roles, therefore, removing a blame culture and developing a real sense of trust and support – working as one!

4. Sales training

  • Our Sales Training programme looked at the fundamentals of sales: how to have a great conversation, to planning and preparation, social media training, competitor analysis, lead generation, questioning skills, objection handling, closing techniques, the art of follow up. Time management, prioritising.


Team Academy like to shake things up, their courses are so creative the results on my region have been outstanding. Leaders came back from the Reboot changed men! Absenteeism has reduced, morale has increased, productivity has gone up by 14% in the region
Rob Beck
Managing Director

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