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Would your team love an energy and mindset injection – from a distance?

The experience was very different, it felt sombre; you could feel the anxiety and worry that people were carrying on their shoulders, in their heads. I felt it, it was so different from all those previous trips to the supermarket, when there was no chance of you stopping me talking and joking to anyone, and everyone. Those of you that know me appreciate that I never seem to go anywhere without getting involved in some sort of noisy and energetic conversation with complete strangers! My mindset yesterday was completely different.

It sparked my thinking about what it must feel like to come to work in this environment every day. What must the mindset be for these lovely people working here every day? Last year we spent 3 months at the heart of a major supermarket, training their customer facing people, working with them to develop the skills of great customer service where the customer comes first, and every customer is made to feel really welcome as they shop around the store. It was a massive success, the difference was noticeable, customer feedback commented on the friendliness of the staff in store, with a significant reduction in customer complaints. For those staff today the mindset and resilience they need to continue to do a brilliant job has elevated to another level.

Perhaps now is the time to turn the tables on Customer Service. How can we put a smile on their faces? How can we be the ones that are making them feel valued? Yes, we want to move quickly through the store, keeping our distance, but let’s take the time to say hello, check how they are and thank them for their service. When I smile the world seems better and when someone smiles back at me, I feel part of a world that can hug people…..skilfully from a distance.

Making people feel a little bit loved is one of our values at Team Academy – over the last few weeks in lock-down we’ve been using one hour Zoom calls to support teams with their mindset. It’s been brilliant, it’s definitely given our mindsets a real boost to be able to continue to help teams and, seeing the smiles and energy people have when they leave the call, it’s definitely been giving their mindsets a boost too.

To do our bit we’re offering these Mindset Kick calls at no cost, if your team would value support, drop us a comment below, direct message me or go to the web page to find a bit more info about Mindset Kick.

If you would like to find out more about the range of amazing training programmes that Team Academy offers, don’t hesitate to give us a call, email, or fill out our Contact Form.

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