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Which mask are you wearing in conversations today?

As a business, pre-covid, we were always focused on experiential learning; learning that encouraged people to be open, to have great conversations and build amazing relationships at work. One thing we’ve noticed in the virtual calls over the last few weeks is that people are having conversations at a much deeper level within minutes. They are sharing how it’s feeling, they are naturally curious about each other’s worlds and genuinely caring about the answers. We are experiencing each other’s lives, coming in to each other’s homes (virtually) and truly understanding the things that matter and motivate them.

These are important things that generally people either don’t talk about or it takes a while for them to feel comfortable and happy to share at that level.

So what’s changed?

Possibly for the first time, we are all in something together. It’s changed everyone’s life in one way or another and we have no choice. With that change we have lost many opportunities to connect, and a sense of connection is a basic human need.

At a time when we are more likely to be wearing physical masks, people are feeling more comfortable to remove the invisible mask that hides their emotions and feelings; what kind of workplace would it be if we continued to be able to remove the invisible masks? An environment where people were comfortable to share how they felt with the people around them, to be open when it was feeling tough without worrying about being judged, to celebrate brilliance because its brilliant not to big up ego’s.

How much would we start to feel a sense of trust with our teammates with the people we lead. There’s a huge learning for us in this, a learning we absolutely have to take into the future with us.

To do our bit we’re offering a Mindset Kick shift hour on Zoom at no cost. If your team would value support, click on the link below or drop us note via our Contact page to find out more.

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