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The role of leadership in management

So, what is the role that leadership plays to a manager? Management and leadership can often look like the same job, but the truth is that they can exist entirely separately. Business leaders aren’t always managers, and bad managers are the people you’d hesitate to call leaders.

What is the role that leadership plays to a manager in 2023?

Being a manager typically means you’re involved in the organisational, structural stuff like conducting meetings with your team, helping them with problems in their work, taking customer escalations—all of the stuff that individuals can’t tackle on their own for one reason or another.

But leadership is an entirely separate skill that can elevate your work as a manager. It’s what allows you to stimulate change and inspire people to achieve more. Leaders are made, not born.

In management, leadership allows you to actually bring yourself down to a lower level and be an impersonal diplomat for people. It lets you see situations without bias and look at yourself as critically as you can look at others.

In short, it’s what stops ego from poisoning your ability to manage effectively, and it grants the qualities that push you to constantly seek ways to improve. This is a really important quality for leaders; it stops them stagnating and lets them hear others when there’s lessons to be learnt. None of us are the finished product, not even when you’re at the top of an organisation.

How do managers act more like leaders?

Don’t treat management as an exercise in delegation.

Being a manager will sometimes mean you need to hand tasks down to other employees, but this shouldn’t become the be-all and end-all of your role.

Your staff aren’t always looking at you to tell them what to do; often they want support, constructive feedback, or just somebody to listen while they talk.

Support your people and they’ll see you as a leader.

How do I learn leadership skills?

We know exactly what makes a good team leader, and how to help managers and leaders; our unique approach to training and team building helps people see the lessons for themselves. We won’t just lecture you—that’s not our style and we doubt it’s yours.

To find out more about what is the role that leadership plays to a manager, our boundary-shattering events, or our amazing leadership training courses, let us know you’re interested. Contact us today.

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