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What is a Senior Leadership Team?

Why do we need a senior leadership team? As they grow and take on more people, most organisations end up with a hierarchical structure that puts certain people nearer the top. These people might come in from other businesses where their knowhow makes them a valuable addition, harnessing their experience and insight where it’s needed.

Enough people like this in a business makes up your senior leadership team, a crack squad of specialists who keep everything tied together and keep a top-down perspective of what’s needed to keep people happy and productive.

The purpose of a senior leadership team

Senior leadership are dealing with the business in the upper echelons. While team leaders and managers are managing workers, helping with customers, and performing all the other roles that keeps the company running smoothly on the ground, senior leadership teams are thinking about the business as a whole.

This could be talking about how operations are running, whether new tech or processes could make things run more profitably and efficiently, or strategising about the future.

The kind of big issues that senior leadership are splitting down and getting stuck into are complex and can move organisations in completely new directions. Although this makes them more removed from the day-to-day staff in some ways, it’s important that senior leaders keep themselves grounded and sensitive to how their decisions can affect the people working under them.

While talking directly to these people is most effective, the managers working between can be a vital line of communication for both sides.

Why is senior leadership important?

Senior leadership are the big picture thinkers who are looking at whole departments and ensuring key areas of the business are functioning properly.

Not only that, but having the kind of structure that places heads of departments in a senior leadership team keeps the business stable and increases transparency. Staff who have a problem or query regarding a department can approach the best member of senior leadership to get the best insight and start the most productive conversations.

Senior leadership are also the rallying presence within the business. They (hopefully!) inspire their workers and bring them on board to their exciting plans and visions for the future. Hearing the most high-ranking members of your business give glowing feedback of your teams’ work and promising more success in the future is the pat on the back and morale booster that everybody needs.

Senior leadership teams light the way for everyone and give people a goal—one big, greater purpose—to play a role in.

How do you create a senior leadership team?

Your team should be made up of the best people you can get your hands on when it comes to leadership. Ideally, you should have a good spread of backgrounds and expertise. Somebody who can lead the way in finance, a person with strong leadership and knowledge in HR, and so on.

These might be people you already have working in the business who have proven themselves and have the knowledge, or you might want to look outside of your organisation. In any case, your senior leadership team needs to be highly experienced and have a deep understanding of what makes a business tick on a fundamental level.

It’s no easy task and requires a lot of planning and focus, when wanting to know exactly what does leadership mean, choosing people with the right leadership qualities is essential.

What makes a great senior leadership team?

A great team in senior leadership has collective strength. You might have individual members of a team who are each experienced and brilliant in their own right, but work together poorly and can’t focus a single discussion for love nor money.

What really makes a great senior leadership team is the ability to actually work as a team, keeping shared goals central to discussion and ensuring that the good of the organisation is always the key outcome.

To help these teams succeed amongst themselves, members need to be able to listen and consider others’ opinions and points of view. They need a willingness to learn and be challenged, and to empathise with the people working alongside them and beneath them in the business hierarchy.

Training senior leadership teams

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