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What are the three foundations of Leadership?

What are the three foundations of leadership? Boiling leadership down into just a handful of qualities is impossible. Leaders need to wear many hats and deal with a hundred different scenarios on any given day.

That being said, leadership in any place rests on some foundations that can’t be overlooked.

What are the three foundations of leadership?

Leadership means many different things, but no leader will go far without these essential foundations:


Leaders often need to be right, but they can’t never be wrong. Those who can practice humility will find that it goes far, ultimately building stronger relationships with their colleagues. It shows people that their leaders are willing to listen and consider a different point of view, even if it means holding their hands up and admitting they were wrong.

It’s an incredibly simple act, but one of the most powerful a leader can take.

And humility doesn’t just mean saying you’re wrong. It also ties into admitting fault for mistakes, sharing credit for achievements with others who deserve it, and letting others have a chance to prove themselves.

For leaders who want to be seen as a thoughtful and good-natured person, humility is their keystone.


Leaders can’t just be in a role to show up and collect their payslip every month. They need to embody their role, believe in the organisation they lead, and have a genuine desire to help others be the best they can.

It also means being an authentic person who doesn’t play a part for the sake of their personal image, and being a trustworthy person whose word means something.

Authentic leaders are hard to replace and can keep an organisation together even through uncertain times.

Clarity of action

Tying together intention and action, a leader who acts with clarity repeatedly proves that they know what they’re doing. Even if their actions don’t pan out as planned, having an ethos behind them and strong goals in mind shows others that there’s a competent individual in the driver’s seat.

It’s not uncommon to see even billionaire leaders make strange and unclear actions despite all their experience—look no further than the second wealthiest person in the world buying a social media platform for $44 billion!

When leaders make unpredictable headscratchers, it can easily make the people working alongside them nervous. An organisation isn’t something to be played with when it represents the livelihoods of people and their families.

Bringing our foundations together, leaders who act with clarity and rational thought are easier to follow and far easier to trust.

Team Academy can help you apply these three foundations of leadership

Of course, beyond these 3 foundations of leadership, there are too many good leadership qualities to count.

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