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What are the benefits of corporate team building?

No matter how tightly a team works together, it can always benefit from a tune up. It’s a bit like running a car; eventually things need tightening and topping up. Morale doesn’t stay up forever and relationships aren’t always perfect. That’s where team building helps.

Corporate team building can be so much more than just blowing off some steam and making people feel good. It should energise your team members so that they leave feeling ready to conquer the world and make things happen!

What is the purpose of team building events?

Building up a good team takes the right balance of theory and practice to get the spark that you need. The purpose is to leave the participating team members with lessons they can carry forwards, but not just delivered in a way that makes them easily forgotten.

Our brains all do it. If we passively learn something, it’s a ‘soft’ form of information that we’re not guaranteed to even remember. If we don’t use it, the brain dumps it. Active learning encourages higher-order thinking, where the mind is challenged and preconceptions can be torn down to make way for new ideas.

That’s the kind of zone we aim to get brains in. The place where they’re being knocked out of their comfort zone and they’re ready to strengthen old bonds, make new bonds, and learn just as much about themselves as their teammates.

The importance of team building in the corporate world

Admittedly, ‘corporate team building’ probably doesn’t sound like many people’s idea of fun. It’s hard to put the word ‘corporate’ alongside the idea of energising, barrier-breaking, high-adrenaline action.

But that only comes from placing focus on the wrong words. Team building can supercharge corporate environments without diluting them and making them need to fit into a box. In fact, we’d argue that that is precisely what makes our team building so effective – not fitting into a box.

Team building is so important in the corporate world because heavy workloads and stress can cause burnout and strain some of your most valuable team members. People can’t be as creative or focused when they feel like they’re always working alone and have to be a one-person army.

The people working within a business win and lose together. That’s the importance of team building in the corporate world; it’s the survival of the work that can only exist when people work together.

If teams are left to fall apart and grow weaker, then their work suffers and their goals remain unfulfilled.

Team building doesn’t just strengthen the bonds between team members. It also forces the individuals to reflect and evaluate themselves. Learning from one’s own mistakes and reflecting on the lessons unearthed is what makes team building truly valuable. It doesn’t just teach the team how to be better, but it also teaches the individuals how to be better for the team.

How do you plan a corporate team building event?

First, you need to have a strong grasp of what you’re trying to achieve.

If this is a brand-new team who have only just started working together, there’s going to be a fair bit of icebreaking needed before anything else. People have their barriers most up when they’re completely new to others, and bringing them out of their shell is necessary to get the bonds building.

If you’re looking to build up an established team, then breaking down barriers may prove harder. After all, these are people who feel comfortable in each other’s company and think they know each other. Pushing them outside of their comfort zone is the only way to shake things up.

If you’re planning a corporate team building event yourself, you’ll need to work out all the logistics: a place to use or hire out for the event; how long you plan to start and how much of the day it’ll take up; how many people to account for and whether you’ll need to split into smaller teams; and most importantly, you need to make sure that the team building has achieved everything you wanted.

This means getting your participants to reflect in a way that puts the lessons right in front of them. If you can’t be sure that anybody has taken the things they’ve learned to heart, what was the point in any of it?

This is why so many businesses turn to us at Team Academy to plan and execute amazing team building days. Years of collective experience lets us build everything from scratch with every last detail accounted for.

You can find out everything you need to know about team building days here…

What are the benefits of corporate team building events?

Team building needs to be done in an intelligent way and with purpose. When it targets the right relationships and strengthens the right bonds, it’s super effective for refreshing your teams. When it feels too forced and ‘mandatory’, the results aren’t the same.

Team building days shake up the usual way of doing things and put everyone on a level playing field. This means that people who are usually content to stand at the back are instead pushed forwards. That might sound scary to some, but it’s often the only way to get results.

People shouldn’t just have fun and burn some energy. They need to be stretched and challenged so that they can teach themselves what they’re capable of, as well as learning some new things about their teammates.

Growing closer is great, but earning new respect for oneself and for their colleagues is the real golden result of team building. Those eureka moments are priceless, and their rewards last a lifetime.

Get team building with Team Academy

Our corporate team building days aren’t like others, we can promise you that. We take every new business that approaches us and work with them to understand their goals and how to achieve them. Our passion is building a unique day centred around your people to shake things up like never before.

To learn more about our team building events, contact us today.

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