The incredible power of our internal voice….

We all have one don’t we; the voice inside our head, the one that often feels as if it never stops. Have you ever taken the time to observe your voice from a distance, as though it is not your inner voice, but you are listening into someone else’s conversation?

The words we say about ourselves and the words we take in that others say about us all form part of that inner language. The power of our internal voice is incredible, but it can work for and against us.

The power of positivism is vital to sustaining a constructive mindset and enabling you to live an emotionally healthy life. Mantras, or positive affirmations, can be hugely beneficial. Our beliefs build based on repetition – the more we tell ourselves a story the more it becomes part of who we are.

Using positive language helps remove the negative thoughts from our mind!

It begins with words which then help us to change our physiology to match those words. Try saying “I am brave, I am strong, I am powerful” very quietly. Now, stand proud and say it with conviction. What do you notice?

Your life becomes a reflection of the language of your inner voice.

What 3 words are you going to add to your inner voice’s vocabulary today, and which 3 are you going to take out forever…….

Stay in the know.


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