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Simple To Do. Massive Impact

Do you remember show and tell when you were at school? Taking in to the lesson something that was precious to you to proudly talk about to everyone else. The eagerness to share something that excited you, the openness to bring others into your world.

Twenty, thirty, even forty years later how often do you do that now?

I was reminded on Friday how impactful this activity is whatever your age. I asked the group of very open, engaging, and driven individuals to share what insights they’d taken from the day. our version of show and tell came out with top marks all round, they were surprised by how much they’d learnt about each other and the impact those conversations had had.

I’ve used this activity numerous times now, so simple and yet so valuable when you are building trust and relationships in a team. “Bring with you an object that will help you share a story about something that is important to you outside of work”

Initially as everyone came into the room, laughing and sharing stories that suggested they were already well connected with one another, I wondered if the activity would simply provide small interludes to the main conversations of the day

What hit me in the feedback at the end of the day is that too often, open, engaging and driven individuals are so focused on delivering the work that most of their conversations with one another, however animated those conversations are, are still about the work.

The simple activity of bringing an object and sharing the story that went with it led to some wonderful moments through the day. The decision that they wanted to commit to finding time in the future to continue having more conversations like this, not just those focused on the work, reminded me that the little things we bring to our facilitation make a big difference to the teams we work with.

Try it with your team this week… Do tell me how the conversation goes.

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