Team Academy logo in horizontal stacked format

New branding for a new era

We’ve been on an incredible journey with you over the last few years, but now we’re raising the bar even higher. We’re the same go-getting, driven, fun-packed team that delivers unique training experiences, just with a fresh look and renewed focus.

Our legacy branding represented all the colours of personalities and behaviours within the workplace. Do you remember how the hexagon with the red dots represented people coming together, and feeling connected? This is still, and always will be, our ethos, but now with a swanky new look.

A growing team with unrivalled knowledge

We have progressed from an adolescent team-building training company. Our ever-growing team has matured and can now boast a collective 140 years’ worth of knowledge. Our training packages have naturally evolved at the same pace, giving us a different, unique position in the marketplace, while still maintaining the fun and experiential energy that our clients love us for.

Our brand, our people, our philosophy

All this growth called for new thinking, and a new way of doing things. We now have a full operations  team, with new systems making the client journey as seamless as possible.

Our new brand represents “bold, strong and disruptive”. This is what we are currently achieving with people’s thinking, and the direct impact we have on the organisations we’re privileged to work with.

The new brand represents Team Academy as the catalysts of change that we are. Whether this is through a change in leadership, teams, or sales, we are here to have an impact on your business.

Thank you

Thank you for supporting us, and joining us on this magnificent ride! We look forward to inspiring and motivating your troops in the not too distant future, because life really is too short for boring training….

Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about the Team Building, Leadership Training and Sales Training programmes that our amazing team provides.