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Management Training

Management training benefits leaders, managers and teams of all stripes, tightening cooperation and refining their visions for both themselves and the people who work for them.

Management training is essential for anybody in a management position, whether you’re leading a small family business or the head office of a multinational organisation. No manager is the finished product, and there is always a new perspective to consider, a new lesson to learn.

Get in touch with Team Academy today to enquire about our unique leadership training programmes. Management can be hard, and we teach in ways that challenge the norm. You can guarantee our methods will have a lasting affect on you and your team!

What does Management Training do?

Put simply, our management training takes people out of their routine, switches off their autopilot, and shines a light on everything that defines their management style. This could be the assumptions they hold about others, the attitudes and philosophies they have about business management, or their ideas about what ‘work’ should look like.

At least, this is what effective training should do. Sitting people down and lecturing them on what good managers do just doesn’t work, especially if they can simply sit and quietly disagree with whatever they like.

To build something new, you need to break down what’s already there. This doesn’t mean that all managers need deprogramming, but it does mean that they can’t assume to know it all and hope to just add a few bits of knowledge here and there.

We are all very good at protecting what we think is true and walling ourselves off to other opinions and ideas that conflict with our own truths. This can make training for high-importance, high-ego roles like those that business managers occupy almost impossible in some cases.

How do you train managers?

By putting them in situations in which they can come to their own realisations.

No lesson is as powerful as the one you come across by yourself. The realisations we’re led to in life are the ones that stick with us. It’s what we’ve evolved to do; it’s why our memories are so incredible and our ability to introspect and learn is so sharp.

It’s no different for learning how to manage others and work as a team. Putting learners in situations where their ability to listen and lead is truly tested, and—most crucially—they are challenged themselves.

Not just challenged in the way that a riddle or puzzle challenges them, either. Challenged to not be the most important voice in the room, challenged to let go more than they’re typically used to. Sometimes, to manage and lead people, you really do need to walk behind them.

How Team Academy rewrites training

We understand the difference between training and lecturing, and really cut to the quick when managers have limited time to learn the deepest lessons they can. It’s not about beating people about the head with information; it’s about putting them in the right place to learn how to lead a team.

Eager to find out more about how we do this? Get in touch with our team today.

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