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What topics are valuable to a leadership training course?

Understanding how to break down leadership and teamwork training is a tricky thing (which is why it’s best left to the experts!) Leadership training courses are trying to take something as huge and demanding as leadership and make it digestible, something that can be learned and carried forwards.

Leadership and teamwork training can have a lot of topics to cover. Some of these may seem small, but they can’t be discounted. It’s often a leader who pays attention to the little things who gets the bigger stuff so right.

What topics are valuable for leadership training?

Trying to sum leadership up into a handful of topics that can be taught to make a leader is impossible. Many leadership roles take a ton of skills, and some lessons can only be taught really effectively through experience.

Here are some topics you can expect in a leadership training programme:

Working with people

Managing people is more complex than approving holidays and delegating tasks. It should demand emotional energy from leaders, as well as time to build genuine bonds and forge trust.

People are complex, and they have different needs hour by hour, day by day. One day might see a leader having to resolve conflicts. The next might demand emotional support and morale boosts to help pick your people up through tougher times and tight deadlines.

Whatever your people need, knowing how to pick up on their feelings and respond appropriately is likely to be on the agenda for any leadership training course.

Solving problems and making decisions

Leaders get faced with plenty of both. High-paced businesses have a daily influx of problems and challenges that need quick decisions and solutions that ideally won’t just ‘do’ until tomorrow (but sometimes that’s unavoidable, as we all know).

Leaders are often brought into others’ problems as well. They’re the source of experience and authority that people turn to when they’re stuck or don’t know how to proceed. As important as it is to teach people how to solve these problems themselves, patient leaders can help these people while still imparting the experience they need.

Motivation and feedback

Not everybody has the same goals in their lives and in their work. What motivates one person won’t do much for another, particularly those who are at different emotional levels in their careers. A jaded worker who feels overdue a pay rise won’t be motivated by free doughnuts in the office.

Similarly, giving people valuable feedback and guidance that they can act upon helps them to progress and carve out their own paths in their careers.

What else do leaders need to know?

These topics are just the tip of the iceberg. Leadership and teamwork training has to be experienced and internalised first-hand to reap the benefits and redefine what it is you understand to be a ‘leader’. Team Academy’s training aims to do just that, and we’ve flipped the script for countless strategic and charismatic leaders already.

To find out more about our unique approach to leadership training, contact us today.

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