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How Do Your Leaders Make Your People Feel?

Yesterday I heard somebody say as they came out of a meeting “ I’ve just been made to feel I’m sh*t at my job”. When I hear things like that it makes me really sad and also quite angry and frustrated.

Work should be a place where we feel good, somewhere we can thrive and grow

How often have you heard people say things like,, it’s not worth sharing ideas around here because nobody has the time to  listens, or it’s  more important not to get it wrong than it is to show initiative and think outside the box.

Work can be a place that energises you, that gives you the opportunity to thrive and grow, to work with amazing people, to learn so much, to create memories and experiences that stay with you for a lifetime, it shouldn’t be a place where you are worried that someone will throw you under the bus if you make a mistake, or the reason you’re looking forward to going to work is because your manager is on holiday so she can’t bug you.

Everyone deserves outstanding leadership… it should be the norm not a privilege.

How much of your working life have you spent with people who show outstanding leadership and how many are somewhere on the scale from OK to they really shouldn’t be in this job?

Two contrasting examples that stick with me are the manager who was newly promoted, 15 years younger than me who, from day 1 was interested in me, in learning from my experiences, who took the time to encourage and stretch me.  That year was one where I achieved an exceeds expectations rating.

In contrast at the other end of the scale I can still picture the large hotel lounge I was sitting in when I was made to wish I had never put my trust in a particular leader and shared a confidential concern I had with them about another team member… I’m sure you’re there before me. I was in the hotel lounge with that team member.   My confidential conversation hadn’t remained confidential and the individual was quite forcefully asking me why I had made a complaint about them.  Needless to say the introverted part of me was screaming (inside my head of course) “get me out of here”

Both those examples were many years ago I’m sure you have a few of your own that came to mind as you were reading.  Now that my children and possibly yours too are joining the workplace I find it’s become even more important to me that we do everything we can to shift the quality of leadership  because everyone deserves outstanding leadership, you , me , our children

So what’s the solution?

In an age when it feels like the screens have taken over, the art of conversation is changing. What isn’t changing is that the power to inspire and motivate, to create workplaces where we can all thrive and grow still lies in the quality of the leadership conversations that are happening (or not happening in many cases)

These conversations happen in many ways …

The one we have with  each other.. the ones we have in our heads.. the ones we  know we should have but don’t know how to, and technology means they happen in so many different formats and forums.

Leadership training is a great way to improve on your skills by having those discussions.

Leadership is all about the conversation

I absolutely love what I do, for the last 10 years I’ve worked with some amazing individuals and organisations across the world , and seen the impact that outstanding leadership can have. I also get to see and hear about many examples of poor leadership.   It’s not because people want to be poor leaders, it is because there isn’t enough focus on shifting the quality of leadership in our workplaces today. A lack of investment  and support in developing the capability and commitment to the quality and quantity of conversations we have with each other, with our teams.

Much as I’d love to think I can change that,  I can’t do it on my own – that needs an army of us, with the bit between our teeth, a shared passion in service of  outstanding leadership.

If that’s you, it would be awesome to continue the conversation together get in touch, we’d love to share  ideas and activities that help you or your teams to have amazing leadership conversations

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