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Have you noticed someone you know has been much quieter in the last few weeks?

The role of Ego

The person I’ve seen so much less of is one familiar to us all, Ego!

Ego tends to judge everyone, and everything based on the appearance, achievements, possessions, value and other metrics that make sense only from the ego point of view. It loves to divide people between winners and losers. These feelings can pull you apart from others, and apart from the true enjoyment of life.

The last few weeks have put us all on the same level, some of us blondes going into lockdown will come out the other side a completely different colour! Makeup is being removed and we’re forgetting to check our faces before we switch the camera on. The car we drive doesn’t matter because we’re not using the cars. We do not care whether you’re in a Mercedes or a Fiat 500.

We generally put on an act to be everything but ourselves in order to feel ‘liked’. It takes a lot of personal work to discover who you are and not to be driven by the temptations of the ego. It’s a constant journey, one that a lot of people avoid, yet ironically still want the benefit of the end result.

In the current environment, everyone is just trying to get by and do their bit. During all of this, we are having some real and beautiful conversations with one another, and relationships are being built. The ego has been much quiter. The Ego that is frequently never satiated, the one that it doesn’t matter how much you have, your ego will keep on asking for more, the one that often keeps you feeling trapped. That Ego has been set aside because there is something much greater going on at the moment.

Can you imagine a world with less Ego going forwards?
What impact would it have on relationships, the levels of trust, and the way we stretch ourselves?

If you have been much quieter recently, then here are 5 things that could help:

1. Be honest and open in the moment
2. Give up the need for control
3. Practice forgiveness & letting go
4. Enjoy silent moments with yourself
5. Notice what’s around us – practice gratitude

Ironically, when you overcome the ego, it feels as if you are more than you thought you were and you have more than you ever thought you had, you become happier being you

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