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Building team spirit at work

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In job roles where we are required to spend a lot of time alone or are allocated demanding tasks, it may seem that the idea of team spirit gets lost along the way. However, team spirit can have a tremendous positive impact on working life and it is something that needs to be focused on.

Why is it important to build team spirit at work?

In simple terms, team spirit can be described as a bond of trust, loyalty and respect between team members that motivates them to do better. Building up team spirit at work is not only important because it creates a supportive working environment, but it also demonstrates how an organisation values cooperation, thus encouraging loyalty.

Furthermore, team spirit is crucial in cementing valuable relationships between colleagues. By instilling better values in employees, this can have a positive result on customers who will be more likely to get higher quality services.

How leaders build team spirit at work

Leaders build team spirit at work by taking into consideration the various personality types of each individual in the organisation. They will understand that every person has different strengths and weaknesses that they will bring to a job role. This means eliminating favouritism and recognising the uniqueness of each employee to see how these traits can be used in the larger context of a team.

Leaders will make an effort to create a supportive environment so that people can thrive by paying attention to everyone’s talents as well as boosting morale and building their confidence through positive reinforcement. They can also integrate team building leadership strategies and bonding exercises to help facilitate building up team spirit at work

3 ways leaders build team spirit for employees

One way that leaders can build team spirit is to recognise teamwork when it is being done well. Whether it is through verbal affirmations and praise, or small gifts of gratitude, organisations can show their appreciation in many ways. Complimenting teamwork can be as detailed as you like and can be personalised for each member of the team to recognise their own personal efforts.

Secondly, great leadership can be achieved by connecting members of your team through team building exercises. An example of a great team building exercise would be taking part in a physical activity such as partaking in an obstacle course together. Alternatively, if you want to build team spirit in a more relaxed, casual atmosphere, it is also a good idea to host a get-together so that colleagues can get to know each other better without any external pressure.

Lastly, leaders can set team goals so that each member of the workforce has something to work towards. Whether that is a small or big target, working towards a goal together is a great bonding exercise for a team.

Curious about building team spirit at work?

Team spirit is integral to the functionality and success of a business but it is not always easy trying to build it organically. By undergoing our extensive and unique leadership training programmes or our team building programmes, you will be sure to change the way you see leadership and team spirit at work, for the better! To see how we can help revitalise your organisation, contact Team Academy

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