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What are the advantages of team leadership?

The advantages of team leadership are numerous and essential, which is why every team needs a strong leader with the right qualities.

Even strong groups of independent, free-thinking people need leadership. Good leaders grant a wide range of advantages to the groups they lead, and without them, teams can easily get lost and break down.

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What are the advantages of having leadership skills?

Having leadership skills allows you to strengthen the people around you. Because of the broad spectrum of qualities that fall under senior leadership skills, the qualities of a good leader can be as simple as keeping people on task, to helping colleagues overcome impostor syndrome and find greater confidence in their work.

The advantages of team leadership are too numerous to fully list, but include:

  • Confident teams who are empowered to make better decisions and feel more inspired.
  • Increased employee engagement with the business and with their work.
  • A collaborative spirit that sees everybody help each other and support their best efforts.
  • Strong bonds of trust and respect that encourage honesty and transparency.
  • Long-term staff who develop a sense of loyalty and identify with the organisation more closely.

Put simply, there are tons of ways that good leaders help staff feel good about their jobs. Not everybody identifies so closely with their work, and for those people, a good leader is just a relief to deal with while they’re in the office.

For others, though, it could be the difference between living their dream career and being stuck in a job they can’t wait to leave.

How can ineffective leadership hinder a company?

Just like good leaders can be effective in a wide variety of ways, so too can bad leaders be ineffective.

Ineffective leadership is rarely doing anything positive for teams. In fact, ineffective leaders can end up actively working against a team’s goals.

When people are unsupported, overworked, or micromanaged, stress comes easily. Stressed workers, amongst other things, struggle to complete work and come into conflict with colleagues more frequently.

This could see a team of people who would otherwise be friendly and cooperative becoming hostile and chaotic, and ultimately unproductive—all because of an ineffective leader at the helm.

The shockwaves and knock-on effects of this spread out to the wider company, particularly when they result in unhappy customers and missed deadlines. If a leader is ineffective enough, it’s entirely possible that a business could end up struggling or collapse entirely due to mismanagement.

Also, it cannot be overstated how important it is to keep staff happy and fulfilled, and to retain your best talent. High staff turnover and the negative reputation that can result from ineffective leadership does its own kind of damage to a company.

It can easily see an organisation struggling to attract talent over time, no matter how many Pizza Fridays and social events it dangles in job listings.

How to train good leaders?

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