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10 ideas to help you thrive in our new normal

You could go for a drive for a non-essential reason – what would your most amusing non-essential reason be? You could play sport together as a household – I’m not sure that Beau, my 16-week young Cavapoo would make a very effective teammate at the moment?

Over the last few weeks, we have been hearing both the challenges and the opportunities that people have had with the extraordinary change we are facing in the ways we live and work at the moment. One common view is that many people feel as if they are living in a bit of a bubble, largely driven by the lack of physical connection we usually have with each other.

It has been brilliant hearing all the different ways people have been using their time to try something new, either to keep their mindset positive or to support others do the same. We wanted to share a few of them here in case they can help you over the next few weeks.

Here are 10 suggestions to try; all have been ideas that have come from a selection of the great conversations we’ve been having on our mindset calls with teams over the last 6 weeks:

1. Learn to meditate
2. Call 3 work colleagues and tell them why you value them
3. Ring your supplier and tell them why you choose them to deliver your services
4. Write post cards to friends and family
5. Volunteer to help others
6. Discover your roots, grow a family tree
7. Share an interesting story of your past with your boss
8. Cook something from scratch
9. Watch stand-up comedy on-line
10. Pick up the phone to someone you don’t normally connect with at work and say “hi, how are you?”

If you think that your mindset could be improved, take a look at our Mindset Kick programme or give our team a message via our Contact Us page.

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