At Team Academy we are focused on one thing - Change

Why would you invest in a training partner if you didn’t trust them to be a catalyst for change in your people?

Making Change Happen to Succeed Tomorrow

Change doesn’t just happen when there is a new organisation structure, it is happening all the time for leaders, their teams, your customers.

Change is a constant in the world we live in and the only certainty is that change is going to continue and at a greater rate. Change is what happens when you know that what you do today won’t get you where you need to be to succeed tomorrow.

Working With You

We work with Leadership teams who want to develop clear strategies, who need to develop the skills and behaviours that will lead their teams to success.

We work with Managers who are leading people for the first time and want to be the best manager those people have ever had… but know they need to build their tool kit

We work with Sales Teams who want to smash their targets and know there are always ways to be better at what they do.

We work with teams who recognise that high performance is incredibly hard and needs focus and determination to be the best they can be

And above all we are all about people…  we know that people learn best when they are enjoying the experience, when they have the space and the environment to take risks, try something new, put themselves out of their comfort zone and know there is someone there to catch them.

Outstanding programmes, everytime

JJ – Vice President. Hilton

*Life’s too short for boring training.

Every learning experience with Team Academy is a combination of interactive activity grounded in theory.  Some high energy, some highly reflective – all designed to disrupt thinking and to hold up the mirror to what we do now. Enabling people to explore where there is value in doing things differently.

Our highly experienced, game changing trainers create the environment where people feel safe to stretch and challenge themselves. A space where people want to explore what they are truly capable of. A place where people who are passionate about learning and developing themselves can focus on the relationships they have with themselves and with one another in order to achieve amazing results whilst loving what they do.

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