Make your in-person events stand out

Putting together a live and in-person conference, event or launch takes a lot of work; hosting one takes even more!

Just as life is too short for boring training, so no-one wants to attend a boring conference or corporate event.

Take the guesswork out of your event planning and partner with Team Academy to ensure the success of your day.

“Whether your event is virtual or in-person, Rachel successfully pulls the threads together just perfectly with real energy too, keeping the room alive”

Before the event, use us as your sounding board. We have bags of experience to help you with early stage logistics like:

  • Venue: choosing a good venue and space for your event is key
  • Layout: setting the room out for optimal effect, including where to set your stage and access to facilities
  • Nutrition: what are people going to eat and drink to keep them focussed
  • Running order: we help you avoid pitfalls like putting the wrong speaker on right after lunch

And having us host or MC on the day brings you lots of benefits:

  • Smooth Flow: we ensure a seamless transition between segments
  • Audience Engagement: we captivate and entertain the audience
  • Professionalism: we represent your organization and enhance credibility
  • Information and Direction: we provide essential event details and answer questions
  • Time Management: we keep the event on schedule
  • Energy and Atmosphere: we create a lively and memorable experience
  • Improvisation and Problem-solving: we handle unexpected situations
  • Personalized Experience: we tailor the event to meet audience needs.

In summary, we are masters of in-person event experiences. Rach is a very popular host/MC who adds structure, engages the audience, and enhances the overall quality of your event.

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