Corporate Leadership & Management Training and Development | ILM Accredited

In as little as two days we’ll load your managers’ ‘kit bag’ with all the essential management tools and techniques they need - active listening, coaching, time management and prioritisation.

But this isn’t your typical corporate leadership and management training, where everyone has a great time but then goes back to the office and carries on doing the same old things they always did. Yes they’ll have a fantastic experience, but they’ll never be the same again.

We’ll send your people back with new thinking, a positive mindset, and a drive to get on and succeed. Delegates say our training gave them key insight into:

  • Identifying raw talent in their teams
  • Building the rapport essential for positive relations
  • Pushing their team’s motivation buttons
  • Driving performance improvement

Let’s get started. Call Team Academy on 0845 389 1701 to find out more about corporate leadership and management training.