Do your people have what it takes to go head-to-head against other companies?

Forget paintballing or simulated classrooms, the 24 Hour Challenge is real-life. Designed to see how you perform as a team when under pressure, completing a task with real consequences, there’s no hiding places for passengers. We turn up the heat and observe your every move. Experience the exhilaration of sharing successes with your fellow team mates, then let us help you make sense of how to apply the learning back at work.

Each challenge is designed around your organisation’s current challenges and objectives and to bring out the kind of behaviours you want. Where there’s a gap, we help you close it with follow up development, training and coaching.

We are running a 24 Hour Challenge for the North West’s TOP firms. Your people will compete against teams from other organisations.

Win or not, the taking part will certainly reveal things you never knew about yourself and your team members and with such an intensive shared experience under your belt, your future together will never be the same again.


If your team is prepared to test themselves to become the best that they can be, we want to hear from you. Contact us to register your interest using the form below or:

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